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Brand Me Black publication launched in 2022 with the intent of being an annual special edition to boast black-owned brands from cover to cover.

Since its launch, business, and readers have been inquiring and requesting that we publish more than once a year.  In October 2023 we will be releasing a special Christmas Catalogue and in January 2024 we release the first edition as a quarterly publication.


Let us be very clear this publication is not anti-white, or anti-anything, nor are we encouraging Blacks to only buy Black.  The goal of “Brand Me Black” is to simply attempt to level the playing field and increase the exposure of all sectors of our business endeavors, while extending the opportunity for African Americans to be equally excited about black-owned brands.

As we support our local black-owned businesses, there is still a huge sector of black-owned brands being left out, simply because they are not promoted as strongly in the media as some more popular brands. 


We must be intentional about boasting and supporting our black own manufacturers of shoes, watches, wines, bed linen, wines, packaged foods and on and on. It is our support of one another which will  makes us strong and relevant.

As a people, nothing is beyond our imagination or our reach. Let's lend our voices and mindset to the reality of "Black Awareness Matters", for it is the cornerstone of our success and self-respect.



FALL OF  2023

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